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Internship Positions Ford Romania

Internship Positions Ford Romania ford

How do I apply for an Internship?

Read More- Complete an application form indicating your preferred position.
- Submit the form to the Business Faculty by the due date (by March 21st.)
- Ford will evaluate the forms and contact potential candidates to arrange an Interview.
- Ford will conduct a structured interview with 2 assessors (by March 22nd.)
- Successful applicants will be notified to agree a suitable start time to commence 3 month Internship (by March 25th.)

Download Application Form (*.doc)


Application process

01 General Accounting IM

02 General Accounting DR

03 Direct Tax Accounting Work Plan Tax

04 Indirect Tax Accounting Work Plan Tax

05 Internal Control DT

06 Controller's NR


08 FMSP 2 - PG

09 Intern Workplan Manning Efficiency- JA

10 Emty container return- JA

11 Internship Workplan PTO Bulk Items JS_A

12 Internship Workplan PTO Bulk Items JS_B

13 HR MB

14 HR SS

15 Purchase

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