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The chief objective of the Bachelor’s degree program – “Economics and International Business” – is to instruct highly trained specialists whose scientific knowledge, skills and competencies are in line with the international and European standards as well as in accordance with the exigencies of the labor market in the field of international business, in order to benefit from a wider mobility in exercising their profession both domestically and abroad.  

The structure of the curriculum aims to provide the specialists of tomorrow with: competencies to solve economic issues and make decisions by using their critical thinking as well as their capacity to analyze and synthesize; capacity to understand and interpret the international business environment and its impact on the international economy and the Romanian economy; theoretical and practical skills to elaborate studies and reports regarding the business environment and the international economic context; abilities to observe the evolution of different markets, recognize the different mechanisms used for international payment and for financing foreign trade operations; skills to conduct international trade negotiations; international business correspondence skills; excellent command of at least two international languages.

Having majored in Economics and International Business, our graduates are eligible to occupy the following jobs: counselor/expert/inspector/referent/economist in international business, international customer service analyst, consular agent, attaché/secretary/diplomatic courier, consul, vice-consul, expert/inspector/controller/customs officer, planner and presenter of events and exhibitions, trip planner, trade correspondent, international marketing specialist, trade assistant, research specialist, teacher.

Employment opportunities:

  • within firms operating in different branches of the industry, transportation sector, agriculture: Purchase & Sales Department, Foreign trade, Customer Service;
  • within the local public administration: Prefectures, City halls – in the departments dealing with the coordination of relations with the EU institutions;
  • within embassies and consulates;
  • within national, regional and county institutions, whose structure is based on the community acquis for the implementation of the EU common policies;
  • within the financial and banking system or the capital market;
  • in mass-media: specific journals, radio/television;
  • in different educational levels such as secondary education, post-secondary education and higher education;
  • within research institutes and research centers: World Economy Institute, regional research centers.

General competencies:

  • Knowledge, understanding and use of concepts, theories, principles and fundamental methods of investigation and enquiry specific to the economic;
  • Capacity to explain and interpret ideas, processes, phenomena, states and particular tendencies at micro and macroeconomic level in contexts specific to the knowledge-based society;
  • Capacity to gather, analyze and interpret data as well as quantitative and qualitative information regarding certain matters;
  • Capacity to analyze states and situations and to assume responsibilities in order to solve issues and communicate and demonstrate the results of one’s own activity;
  • Capacity to work independently or together in order to solve issues in defined professional contexts;
  • Capacity to use modern information technology to typewrite papers, process information and access data bases specific to the activity in different organizational structures;
  • Verbal and written communication for professional purposes, in at least one international language.

Specialized competencies

  • Capacity to conduct studies/analyses on the business environment;
  • Assistance to prepare and conduct negotiations in international business;
  • Capacity to conduct international business in accordance with the contractual clauses;
  • Assistance in carrying out activities specific to international promotion;
  • Assistance in promoting actions/initiatives within the international economic organizations.
  • Study program: Economics and International Business


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