The University of Craiova Annals Journal - Economic Sciences Series has been continuously circulating since its first issue in 1970 up to present.
     It has been published yearly and boasts a significant number of pages for over 1000 articles covering a wide range of topics in the economic area.
       The overall scope of the magazine is constantly open to ideas and opinions in the area of management, marketing and business administration, finance, accounting, economics, international affairs, cybernetics, statistics and economic IT.
     Starting 2008, the journal has been rated by the CNCSIS (Higher Studies Financing national Council) in the B+ category and indexed in the RePEC, EBSCO, DOAJ and CEEOL international databases and currently is in process of being indexed into various other international databases.
     By its articles, the journal has considerably impacted the economic expertise and is constantly making efforts in this direction. The magazine is currently targeting an improvement in the quality of the works published, an aim that has brought about changes and structural optimisation for the Scientific Editorial Committee, the Scientific Assessment Committee, as well as the Editorial Committee.
     Moreover, the current focus stresses the scientific advance and the national and international exposure of the journal, for which the editing and publishing standards have been reviewed. The Ph.D. advisors, especially at FEAA level, are focusing on directing the Ph.D. candidates to the economic issues faced by the entities that will be beneficial to the management and to the facilitation of the practical employment process of the economics graduates.
     The papers presented within the scientific conferences organised by the FEAA Craiova will be assessed for further publication in the magazine.
     The journal is monitored and in the same time benefits from the constant support of the Faculty Council, especially its department directors.

     The University of Craiova Annals Journal - Economic Sciences Series is an Open Journal. The publication recognizes the importance of open access in research as well as the increasingly global nature of the scientific community. The broad public communication of peer-reviewed research, and information-sharing are essential to advancing science in the service of society, therefore Annals of the University of Craiova Economic Sciences Series makes all of its peer-reviewed research content freely available. The Journal Open Access Policy ensures the opportunity to share the information among the scientists and researchers by making it available online without any restrictions or any other subscriptions. By adopting this policy, our aims are to offer the public free scientific information and empowering to society through the diversity of information available. For a free access to the online issues of the publication please click here .

The content of the published materials is made available to readers by accesing and downloading them integrally on the journal website without any costs. The users are allowed to copy, distribute, link to the full texts and build upon the research materials, provided that they accurately cite the source.

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